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Clients and customers

HORVATH ANALYTICS works primarily for companies and entrepreneurs in the following sectors:


    Construction and real estate

    Mechanical engineering




Our clients include:


    Insurance companies

    Project development companies

    Real estate companies and owners

    Fund companies and initiators

    Construction companies and groups

    Industrial companies

    Mechanical equipment and textiles trading companies

    Multiple retailer

HORVATH ANALYTICS has for many years acted as a reliable and independent partner to its clients.

On request we will gladly furnish references detailing past projects as a basis both for continuing cooperation in a spirit of trust, as well as future client relationships.

The strength of our company lies in our years of experience in the relevant sectors and service areas, as well as interdisciplinary networking.

Our staff and partners have worked for decades in the fields of revitalization and project development, transaction support and realization. As a result, we have a profound knowledge of all technical and commercial aspects of the real estate market and real estate portfolios.